Yaman Movie Review

Yaman Movie Review
  • Yaman Movie Review


‘Yaman’ dilevers a good thriller political movie at the right time surely makes us to enjoy

                                                      Yaman Movie Review

Directed by Jeeva Shankar
Produced by A. Subaskaran
Fatima Vijay Antony
Written by Jeeva Shankar
Starring Vijay Antony
Miya George
Music by Vijay Antony
Cinematography Jeeva Shankar
Edited by Veera Senthil Raj
Lyca Productions
Vijay Antony Film Corporation
Release date
24 February 2017
Country India
Language Tamil


Vijay Antony never fails to choose a good kind of scripts to entertain the tamil cinema audience. In ‘Yaman’ vijay antony joins hands with the director ‘jeeva shankar’.

Tamilarasan (Vijay Antony), is seeking money to save his cancer afflicted grandfather ( Sangili Murugan), agrees to go to jail by accepting to take the blame for a drunken and drive accident. In jail, he meets with the first connection to a political web and from then on gets embroiled deep into it and how he emerges the victor forms the rest of the cleverly weaved intriguing screenplay.

Vijay antony again play a strong role in ‘Yaman’, the female actor ‘Mia George’ play his roles correctly in the character of ‘ahalya’ the duet songs with vijay antony was the waste things in this screen play. Veteran Thiagarajan makes his presence felt as the seasoned politician while Arul Jothy as the minister Thangapandian makes a lasting impression in the role. Charlie, Sangili Murugan, Swaminathan and all the other actors have done complete justice to their roles.

The main plus point of this movie is director jeeva shankar’s screenplay and the good king of dailogues. the musics are also composed by vijay antony, the music of ‘yaman’ are not gets a good responce from the audience. the screenplay of the ‘yaman’ was goes slow but it does not makes us irritate, with the good script and screenplay ‘yaman’ looks us to enjoy the thriller political movie.

Overall Rating : 2.75 / 5

Verdict : ‘Yaman’ dilevers a good thriller political movie at the right time surely makes us to enjoy


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