Vivegam Teaser Breaks Kabali Teaser Record


                                     Vivegam Teaser Breaks Kabali Teaser Record

Kabali teaser is the most record making teaser in the tamil cinema history, Its created record in most liked teaser most viewed teaser in Tamil cinema.

But Now,After the big expectation’s among the fans yesterday Ajith Kumar’s Vivegam Teaser has released officially in youtube. After the Release of the vivegam teaser its sets a new record breaking teaser likes in just a few minutes.

“Vivegam Teaser Records”

50k likes in just 15minutes

100k likes in just 50minutes

150k likes in 6hours

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this the most fastest teaser to reach 100k likes in just 50minutes, its breaks the superstar kabali teasers record in just 50minutes.

“Kabali Teaser Records”

50k likes in 20minutes

100k likes in 1 hours 30 minutes

150k likes in 4hours 10 minutes

200k likes in 12 hours

300k likes in 60hours

Now Vivegam Teaser has breakes and sets a new record to reach fastest 100k likes in just 50minutes.

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