True multi – faceted CHO Ramasamy passes away!!!!


True multi – faceted CHO Ramasamy passes away!!!!


Actor Political critic play Wright writer Cho Ramasamy passes away in this world. Ramasamy is a comedian, Actor, editor, playwright and lawyer in Tamil Nadu. His full name is Srinivasa Iyer Ramansamy. He was born in October 5th, 1934 and his native is Chennai. And his father is Srinivasa Iyer and mother is Rajammal. His famous Tamil Magazine is Thuglak. He is a witty figure in the Tamil Nadu and Indian politics.


He started the magazine Thuglak in the year 1970.The true multi faceted personality of Cho. Ramasamy is no more. While Jayalalitha died of Cardiac arrest on December 5th. Cho died of heart attack December 7th One of India’s most colorful political analysts and founder editor of the popular political magazine. When the passing away of Cho, Tamil Nadu will miss one of the very few remain old world charmers with unsurpassed witticism.  So all offer our deepest condolences to his family and friends.

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