Top 10 Teams With Most Sixes In ODI Cricket


                                   Top 10 Team With Most Sixes In ODI Cricket

Cricket is the most entertainment game in this world with the huge numbers of the fans,In this all the players are love to hits the sixes and boundaries. Now he have to going to see about the team which as hits more sixes in the ODI matches.Lets See about Top 10 Team With Most Number of the Sixes In ODI Cricket Match.

10. Bangladesh – 586 sixes*tamim-iqbal-1459339209-800

Bangladesh Cricket team is the growing teams in the international cricket matches, Bangladesh as hits 586 sixes in 312 odi matches. In future they will hits more number of the sixes in the international cricket matches.

9. Zimbabwe – 984 sixes*


Zimbabwe is a challenging side during the late 90s and early 00s but they are failed to build on their team as they now the minnows among all the test playing nations. They have scored 984 sixes in 472 International ODI  matches.

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