Top 10 Six hitters in ODI Cricket


Top 10 Six hitters in ODI Cricket : Cricket is the most entertaining game in the world and also cricket game only as the more number of cricket everyone love the sixes,the players also like to hit six in cricket games in the order lets see who hits the most number of the sixes in this world.

Now lets see who hits the most number of the sixes in the ODI cricket games.

10. Chris Cairns, New Zealand (153)

Chris Cairns is the new zealand cricket player, he gets the 10 place in Top 10 six-hitters in ODI Cricket history. In cricket history Chris Cairns totally played 251 ODI games in that 251 games chris cairns totally hits 153 sixes. He has played in between 1991 and 2006.

In new zealand team Chris Cairn is the best allrounder in between his played years,In Chris Cairn ODI history he picked 201 wickets and also scored 4950 runs with 29.46 average.

9. Ricky Ponting, Australia (162)

Still now ricky ponding is the best captain in Australia cricket, Under his captainship australia as won two world cups.Ricky Ponding as played for australia from 1995 to 2012 in this period Ricky Ponding as played totally 375 ODI games.In 375 Odi games Ricky ponding scored 13,704 runs with the average of 42.03.

In 375 ODI games Ricky Ponding totally hits 162 sixes in his ODI cricket history. With the hitting of 162 sixes Ricky Ponding gets 9th place.

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