Thupparivaalan Movie Review & Rating


Thupparivaalan Movie Review & Rating : After a Long Break director Myskkin is back with a thriller movie ‘Thupparivaalan’, Vishal, Prasanna, Vinay, SImran, Andrea, Anu Emmanuel are acted in a lead role. Arrol Corelli is the composer and Vishal’s production house ‘Vishal Film Factory’ is the producer of ‘Thupparivaalan’.

Thupparivaalan Movie Review :

Thupparivaalan is a crime thriller story, After a long time Director myskkin is back with an engaged thriller story, He put a lot of effort to give a best crime story to the audience, His effort and hard work are well worked in screenplay also there are no unwanted scenes in ‘Thupparivaalan’. Myskkin used every character in a correct manner.

Vishal is a Detective, Who involved in an unsolved mystery case to find a pet that has been killed is the major highlights in this case. Vishal solves this case in his own style to find a criminal Vinay.

In 'Thupparivaalan' there are so many small characters are involved but all the characters are giving their best, Myskkin gives much impact to every character so there is no complaints with small characters. In baddie side Andrea gives their support to Vinay one the other same Prassana give his support to Vishal.

Myskkin handled this story with his own style with some interesting and emotional scenes all the scenes are matching the screenplay.

Vishal acting and costumes kept him as a best detective, He attracts everyone with his role. Myskkinn handled some scenes which make feels like he already used this in his movies.

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And Coming to the love potion Vishal and Anu Emmanuel had a love but that stays half finished for the screenplay because the screenplay is too busy with the thriller portions.

‘Thupparivaalan’ has no songs but the music composer Aarol Corelli give his best to the BGM part, His BGM gives the extra boost to the screenplay. Dinesh handled the stunts to Vishal with his stunts Vishal once again proves he is a best action hero. Editor Arun gives his best editing to the Busy Screenplay.

Overall ‘Thupparivaalan’ is the best thriller movie in the recent time, Myskkin once again proves he is one of the best directed to give a Thriller movie in Kollywood. Vishal’s acting and performance never let you to feel bored.

Thupparivaalan Overall Rating : 3.5/ 5

Thupparivaalan Verdict :  After a long time Myskkin is back with a best thriller movie which never fail to entertain the audience.

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After a long time Myskkin is back with a best thriller movie which never fail to entertain the audience.

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