Thodari Movie Review


Thodari Movie Review

DirectorPrabhu Solomon
produced By T. G. Thiyagarajan
Sendhil Thiyagarajan
Arjun Thiyagarajan
Prabhu Solomon
Keerthi Suresh
Thambi Ramaiah
CinemotographyVetrivel Mahendran
Production CompanySathya jyothi Flims
God Pictures
Distributed BySathya Jyothi flims
Running Time168 minutes
Release date22 september 2016

Dhanush once agains proves he is a best actor in Tamil Cinema he gives 100% effort to Thodari. Either its a comedy, romance, action or sentiment dhanush gives his best to Thodari. Keerthi Suresh gets a good script to prooves his talent she acted as a innocent girl in Thodari she travels to the story and completely fit to this movie.

Romance, comedy, tragic incidents, suspense, good music and some beautiful pictures of nature- these are some of the trademark elements that you find in all Prabhu Solomon’s films.

About Story

Dhanush acted as Poochiyappan and Keerthi Suresh acted as saroja.

In 1st half Thodari as not have a best story but in 1st half comedy gives a hands to watch Thodari with full enjoyment. Thambi Rammaiah and karunakaram comedy pair was well worked in this movie. Harish Uthaman comes in as a commando. He gets to don an eccentric role with negative shades with unpredictable nature. He keeps getting into the nerves of Dhanush all the time. One scene where he talks about cross state politics was uncalled for and could have been avoided especially at current times. Scenes like that could trigger the youngsters in a wrong away. Sequences where the director takes a dig at youngsters taking selfies for publicity and media misusing their powers are lively.

In 2nd half story moves with a train and dhanush Keerthi suresh love. Though Imman could not give a good pre-release buzz to the film through his music like he usually does for all Prabhu Solomon films.

Good camera angles, but let down by some underwhelming graphics. The CGI part looked hurried and demanded more detailing. The major drawback of the film was that the whole play was made to look very superficial. As a script, it is exhilarating but it demanded a better execution. What was the National Security Guard doing? They seemed clueless and even the media officials shown in the film had better ways to cover the incident.

Positive :

Good comedy scenes gives a positive responce to the Thodari. 

Thodari climax scene gives a pressure to the audience.

Negatives : 

Comedy scenes are good but its comes in unwanted scenes. Dhanush hepls to stop the train but why the polices are not hepls to stop the train? like this some logic questions are scenes are comes to our mind.

Verdict : Thodari is a good watchable entertainment movie to all types of the audience.

Overall Rating : 3.3 / 5

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