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“Remo Movie Review” :

“Remo” is a Tamil Language Comedy Romantic Movie directed by a debut director Bakkiyaraj Kannan and produced by 24am Studios “Remo” musics was composed by Aniruth Ravichander.

Starring :

Siva Karthikeyan, Keerthi Suresh, Sathish, Yogi Babu, Motta Rajendaran.


Experimentation has always been an actor’s dream, Superstar has tried it, Kamal, Vijay and many other stalwarts have tried to don the “She” role and it’s always a delight to see them perform in an unexpected role. Joining the league is Sivakarthikeyan, putting in a lot of effort for the “Remo” character as a nurse. To give him the rightful shades and color the technical team’s brilliant effort is portrayed onscreen with one of the finest man behind the lens – PC Sreeram. So let’s find out what the movie has in store.

     Remo’s story is quite straightforward and a few minutes into the movie it’s anybody’s guess on how the movie is going to unfold. Dude falls heads over heels to the next beautiful girl he sees, finds out the girl is already hitched, grabs the next opportunity to woo her, tries and tries and tries to win her hand, so does he? That forms the plot. Dealing with a done and dusted formula is always tricky, director Bakkiyaraj Kannan takes up the task in his hand and tweaks the storyline by adding typical commercial and entertainment elements to make Remo a clear masala movie with lots of scope for the background technical crew. Siva yet again comes as a nothing to lose fellow who aspires to become a Hero yet waiting for the right door to open and somehow the quick and important cameo of KS Ravikumar turns his life around by falling in love.

In his efforts to win the girl he loves, Siva readies himself as a Nurse (who doesn’t have any qualification except the glossy makeups and humanitarian heart) and the stage is set for a comical drama. Siva and Keerthy’s interaction are rather captured in a cute and cuddlesome style, the pair have their moments through the movie. Through the first half, it’s all about how Siva shuttles between roles to make an impression on Keerthy by confusing her on cliché terms of “Love”, “Arranged marriage” and a string of dialogues the 90’s Romeo would use to romance a girl. The second half has lesser Nurse Portions and is more about how Siva and Keerthy end up in love, but does she find out? That’s to wait and see.

The problem starts when the plot stalls itself with flimsy and cliché sequences, with a storyline that has been presented over the years in too many forms, the one thing that the average viewer would look for is innovation but suffers due to lack of solid entertainment. Full marks to Siva for dressing up as a Nurse, the man has done enough homework, no wonder the script required a pro like PC Sreeram who brings about far more than close-up shots required for an average film. The glossy makeup, girly body language and tailor made gleeful BGM by Anirudh makes up for the Nurse character, even though the voice is not 100% convincing. With such a stage set, humor works only in parts and leaves many scenes with a sense of disappointment. There was no reason to bring in a Villain like bridegroom, none to have a soup song, no reason to make a talented actress like Saranya look flimsy, unnecessary punch dialogues on dudes who have nothing to do but love, giving room for a lot of improvement.

What works? Surely to start with Siva karthikeyan’s characterization and performance. Full marks to him for taking the role with dead drop seriousness, his dance and acting has just raised above the benchmark. But somehow the mass elements don’t seem to click right every time for they don’t flow with the screenplay but rather induced by force like an unnecessary fight. Keerthy for her part has done it decently, she has a creamy role in the movie and does it brilliantly especially through the climax as a struggling girl who doesn’t know whom to choose as her beau. Satish, Yogi Babu and Mottai Rajendran’s roles are limited, but they bring the floor down whenever they appear onscreen. Anirudh’s BGM and Senjitaley live up to the expectation, but the best part is cinematography and makeup, for both need to go hand in hand and they refuse to die down by making Remo a colorful experience. Hats off to the technical team indeed.

Overall Rating 3.2 / 5



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