OMG !! Enthiran “2.O” 1st Look Poster was Leaked


OMG !! Enthiran 2.O 1st Look Poster was Leaked

A leaked first look poster of Rajinikanth and Shankar’s ‘2.0’ is making a lot of hulchul on the internet. This leaked pic is the title design of the movie. But, one isn’t sure if this is the leaked pic of the Shankar’s movie or a fan-made design? The actual title pic was announced to be revealed in the month of November. There are two probabilities. If this isn’t the original title picture, then there is no problem for the makers to release the actual one in November as per their strategy.

But, if the leaked pic is the actual one, will the makers be quiet? There is every chance that the makers of ‘2.0’ may change the look of the title design if the present leaked pic is the one designed by them. The makers of a big-budget movie like this don’t like to kill the suspense before-hand, almost a month before the unveiling of the first look as per the plan.

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