Nayagi Movie Review


Nayagi Movie Review

In Tamil Cinema 2015 – 2016 there are so many horror movies are realesed in screens in that some movies got positive reviews and some movies got negative reviews.

In Horror movies list now Trisha gives as a horror movie “Nayagi”  directed by Goverdhan Reddy. The film stars Trisha Krishnan and Ganesh Venkatraman in lead roles. The film is produced by Giridhar Mamidipally who was the former manager of Trisha under Giridhar Production House and cinematography by Jagadeesh.

ScreenPlay : 

Looks like Govi is heavily inspired from the 1980s amman movies. In the recent years, Kollywood has witnessed an array of horror comedies, and this one is yet another addition. The film neither scares you, nor evokes a laughter, nor conveys a message. The initial five to ten minutes make us believe that the premise is going to be promising, as it raises many questions. But when you wait for the answers in the second half, you might be disappointed. An age old template is what Nayaki screenplay is all about. There’s a heroine introduction, uninteresting romance portions, love song, ghost gimmicks, ghost beating up victims, a flashback for the ghost, climax ‘pei’ song, and everything else. The dialogues too are ineffective. The slapstick comedy, which is intended to be funny, is not funny either.


Trisha has given a decent performance, but her screen presence doesn’t work in the favour of the film’s engagement. She tries her best to save the film, but unable to. Satyam Rajesh and Sushma Raj entertain the audience at places. Jayaprakash and Ganesh Venkatraman have delivered well, but one might feel bad about a performer like Jayaprakash being wasted. Veteran actor Brahmanandam comes in the climax and his presence doesn’t add any value to the film. Even Ajith’s Mankatha BGM for his entry couldn’t help.

Technical :

Jagadeesh’s camera work gives a retro feel to the movie. Raghu Kunche’s songs don’t stay in your heart, or ring in your ears, even for few minutes. Background score by Sai Karthik is average and at times, the music gives you a deja-vu feel. The film runs for only 120 minutes, but it doesn’t seem like that. Unnecessary songs and elongated slapstick comedy scenes could have been avoided. Though it is a Tamil – Telugu bilingual, there are few dubbing issues in the film.

Vertict : Nayagi Fails to entertain the audience

Overall Rating : 1.6 /5


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