Kavalai Vendam Movie Review

Kavalai Vendam Movie Review
  • Kavalai Vendam Movie Review


Verdict : ‘Kavalai Vendam’ is a usual fun filled ride specially made for young generations

Kavalai Vendam Movie Review

Directed byDeekay
Produced by
Elred Kumar
Kajal Aggarwal
Bobby Simha
Music byLeon James
Cinematography Abinandhan Ramanujam
RS Infotainment
Distributed byAbi & Abi Pictures

‘Kavalai Vendam’ as a rough sketch of romance and comic episodes. The film has a very used up storyline but where it scores is through its dialogues and a largely interesting screenplay.

‘Kavalai Vendam’ has a star cast like Jiiva, Kajal Aggarwal, Bobby Simha, Sunainaa, RJ Balaji, Mayilsamy, Manthra, Balasaravanan and more. The casting looks perfect, but have all of them been put to use to the fullest? That would be a No. Someone like Bobby Simhaa could have been used better.

Just like his earlier outing Yamirukka Bayamey, director Deekay scores high with some buoyantly clever and amusing comedy sequences. It compensates for the overdramatic sentiment scenes that creep in now and then. There are many comedy scenes that could make you break into laughter. Police station and boat comedy sequences are a few worth mentioning ones. The humor and language justify the U/A certification. The family audience can watch if they can omit a couple of youth moments.

The film opens with Divya (Kajal Agarwal) speaking to her friend Shilpa (Shruti Ramakrishnan)about her wedding to Arjun (Bobby Simha) and explains in detail to her (actually to us, groan!) about her ex-husband Aravind (Jiiva) her childhood sweetheart whom she intends to divorce as they are not compatible. Arvind is straight out of another Jiiva film ‘Endrendrum Punnagai’ who drinks and has fun all the time with Natty (RJ Balaji) and Bala Saravanan. When Divya approaches Arvind he agrees to sign the papers providing she lives with him for one week as a good wife to which she agrees (!!!). Enter husband to be Arjun and Jiiva’s love in waiting Deepa (Sunainaa) and what should have been another rollercoaster ride from Deekay turns out to be a half baked half hearted fare.

It is a cake walk for Jiiva to play Aravind and he does so with consummate ease and is quite comfortable letting other players hog the limelight most of the time. It is Kajal Agarwal, who is in every single frame and she has given a fairly good account of herself, be it mouthing double entendres with a glint in her eyes, romancing and emoting as well. The most underwritten role is reserved for Bobby Simha and he sleepwalks through it. R.J. Balaji is once again a scream and he literally makes people jump out of their chairs in the police station scene and the scene in which he mistakes Shruti’s special gesture towards him. Bala Saravanan is a perfect foil for Balaji especially when countering him and his own scene is when he gets kicked on the unmentionables by dozens of people. The rest of the cast including Mayilswamy, Shruti Ramakrishnan, Sunaina, Jangiri Madhumitha and Manobala are apt for their roles and what is more each features in atleast one adult comedy scene and scores.

The biggest plus point in ‘Kavali Vendam’ is Cinematography by Abhinandhan Ramanujam, as the pleasing locations of Kodaikanal and Ooty are caught in life like frames and the colours needed for the genre is perfectly splashed. Promising music composer Leon James background score is peppy but his songs don’t make an impact in the theater. T. Suresh provides clean cuts.

Director Deekay proves by himself he is a talented in adult comedy movies, in ‘Kavalai Vendam’ also he used adult comedy scenes in a good script and succeed in his attempt. With a good ensemble cast Deekay could have done much better, but his inconsistently paced screenplay, especially after the interval block is a big let down. Another case of a good idea that falls prey to bad execution.

Verdict : ‘Kavalai Vendam’ is a usual fun filled ride specially made for young generations

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