Kadavul Irukkan Kumaru Movie Review

Kadavul Irukkan Kumaru Movie Review
  • Kadavul Irukkan Kumaru Movie Review


Kadavul Irukkan Kumaru gives average satisfy for GVP fans in few laugh scenes and its a templated comedy drama depend on Rj Balaji.

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Kadavul Irukkan Kumaru Movie Review

‘Kadavul Irukkan Kumaru’ Movie is the laugh ride movie which was directed by Rajesh.M he is the specilist in making of full length comedy entertainment movie. The darling hero G.V.Prakash was joined with Rajesh to give us the full length comedy entertainment movie for Tamil Cinema audience. Rj balaji was joined in ‘kadavul irukkan kumaru’ as the supporting actor, Nikki galrani and Anandhi as acted in a female role.

Kumar (G.V.Prakash), along with his friend Balaji (RJ Balaji) goes on a road trip to Pondicherry for a bachelor’s party, as he is all set to get married to Priya (Nikki) in the next two days. The consequences that Kumar and Balaji face on the course of their road trip form the basic plotline of the movie.

Kumaru (GVP) an ad filmmaker whose familial background is unknown (till the very end!!!), is getting married to a rich girl (Nikki Galrani) and on the eve of the marriage, he receives a bouquet from his ex-girlfriend Nancy (Anandhi) carrying a card “I miss you” and one to the bride too “I am jealous of you”. What we set ourselves for is an interesting modern day love triangle (Its GVP) laughathon (Its Rajesh). What we get is an absolute mishmash of hangover, road thriller, horror and a migraine. Yes Kumaru and his friend (R.J. Balaji) set out to Pondy for a bachelor party to return in time for the wedding? the next day. On their way back they fall into the hands of a cop Manimaran (Prakash Raj) who tortures them for money, venture into a haunted house and how they escape from all these obstructions and get married and to whom forms the rest of the story.

Director Rajesh always gives his best in all his movies but in ‘Kadavul Irukkan Kumaru’ we all gets a disappointing. Rajesh used so many comedy actors to entertain us like oorvasi,robo shankar,singam puli,motta rajender, m.s.baskar but you do not get full entertainment as your expectations. G.V.Prakash kumar gives his opening with vijay reference along in the movie there are lot of thala-thalapathy but we look that all reference are unnecessary.

G.v.prakash as improved in his dailogue delivery and in his acting as well as G.v.prakash gives his best in ‘Kadavul Irukkan Kumaru’. Anandhi as Nancy has the looks of a Christian girl but does not make a mark due to an underwritten character. Nikki Galrani’s voice (dubbing artiste’s) is heard talking to GVP on the phone more than her screen time.It is R.J. Balaji who manages to keep afloat with his now familiar counters and old lady screech.

In ‘Kadavul Irukkan Kumaru’ the songs placements poor they placed the songs in unwanted scenes. “Iravinil Aatam” remix will do no harm to the classic Sivaji Ganesan version. This film will just serve as one more addition to Shakthi Saravanan and Vivek Harshan’s body of works. M. Rajesh is a master at weaving interesting situations on a wafer thin line as evidenced in his first three films.

The technical teams are worked good in the road scenes G.V.Prakash as gives his best in songs also Director Rajesh was not gives his best to the audience as they are expected more in Rajesh flim. RJ Balaji is the positive point in ‘Kadavul Irukkan Kumaru’.He has tried to incorporate the Christian conversion issue, the functioning of Television reality shows (Solvathellam Unmai), etc. Whole Rajesh fails to give more for the audience.

Verdict : Kadavul Irukkan Kumaru gives average satisfy for GVP fans in few laugh scenes and its a templated comedy drama depend on Rj Balaji. 

Overall Rating : 2.5 / 5

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