G.V Prakash blame Ajith – Continously he blame Dhanush..


G.V Prakash blame Ajith- Continously he blame Dhanush..


Internet usage is very useful and helpful for people. It solves our unknown problems and news. Net usage, they have a lot of benefits. But many times it creates some problems or issues. This is mostly apt to famous personalities.

Accordingly, some time we got angry replied may be harsh words. But it decreases our respects. Now this issue wrapped Actor G.V Prakash.

In twitter, fans post this tweets G.V now you leave Actor Dhanush in this time it’s very wrong. G.V. replied that immediately in his tweet, Hey idiot now I am happy and got double salary. I became a big hero.


In this incident, some issues are upcoming. Not only Actor Dhanush fans get angry, all fans is angry in G.V. Prakash.

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