Catherine Tresa Interesting and Unknown Facts


Catherine Tresa Interesting and Unknown Facts : Catherine Tresa is a famous Indian Actress and Model, She mainly acts in South Indian Cinema such has Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada films. In Tamil Cinema Catherine Tresa became a popular actress due to extraordinary performance, she committed in so many upcoming movies.

Catherine Tresa was born on 10 September 1989 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. She was born to the couples of Frank Mario Alexander and Tresa Alexander.

Catherine Tresa completes her schooling in Dubai after that she moved to Bangalore, She finished her higher studies in Bangalore. She Studied at St Joseph’s College, Bangalore.

Catherine Tresa has many extra curricular activities she is a well trained piano student in college days and she known to dance, singing, ice skating and acting. Catherine Tresa modelled for Nalli silks, Chennai silks and so many clothing silks.

After she became a Actress in South Indian Cinema, Due to her performance and talent she committed in many movies. Now Catherine Tresa became a famous actress.

Now Let Us See About Catherine Tresa Interesting and Unknown Facts.

  1. Here is some of Unknown facts about Actress catherine Tresa.

2. Catherine Tresa was Born on Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

3. Catherine Tresa completes her schooling in Dubai.

4. Catherine Tresa work has a model in many Textiles Showrooms like Chennai silks, Nalli Silks and more.

5. Catherine Tresa birth name is Catherine Tresa Alexander.

6. Catherine Tresa is a Roman Catholic Relegion.

7. Catherine Tresa brother Christopher commits Sucide due to depression in his college hostel room at 2014 December.

Catherine Tresa Brother Christopher

8. Catherine Tresa is expert in Singing, Dacing, Piano and debating.

9. Catherine Tresa won FilmFare awards in a short time.

10. Catherine Birth Sign is Virgo.

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