Anbanavan Asaradhavan Adangadhavan (aka) AAA Movie Review


                   Anbanavan Asaradhavan Adangadhavan (aka) AAA Movie Review

After Trisha Illana Nayanthara Aadhvik joins hand with simbu to make Anbanavan Asaradhavan Adangadhavan movie. This is the most expected movie for simbu carrier because this movie created most impact among all the fans.In this Movie Simbu acted in a aged character ” Ashwin Thatha” this character makes everyone to watch AAA and also yuvan shankar joins with simbu in AAA.

Earlier in the morning, there were some release issues and fans had to wait till afternoon to watch the film And atlast AAA released succesfully in all theaters.

Madura Michael is the first character in AAA this character is the gangster in madurai city,he falls in love with selvi(shriya) who also reciprocates his feelings.(We don’t want to reveal what happens in the middle, in order to avoid spoilers).After 30 years later Ashwin thatha character enters in the movie in chennai.Ashwin Thatha falls in love with Ramya (Tamannah) a young girl who runs a old age home. Ramya also likes Ashwin Thatha due to his charm and boldness. But does she love him? This is said in the rest of the film which ends with an open ended climax, setting the tone for the second part.

the young director Aadhvik joins his hands with big star like STR but he fails to entertain the many wanted and funny scenes are roaming in AAA.Most the characters are written weekly.Having said that, Adhik has added enough elements to suit the mass image of STR. The first ten minutes, the interval portion and the climax portions make the fans go berserk and even others may like them as those portions have some interesting elements. There are some dialogues that suit the real life image of STR and his fans will really enjoy them.

Some of the dailouges are makes irritating among womans like girls are cheaters like this unwanted dailouges are used to abuse womans.However these dialogues strike the right chord with the young male adults towards whom they are aimed at.

STR screen presence acting and dailogues delivery are the big plus points in this movie. shriya done his role without any minus points but his character as only small role which also comes in first half of the movie.Tamannah comes in second half of the movie she adds the glamour role with ultra modern costumes.yuvan shankar raja’s music is the second plus point in this movie.Only three songs are comes In AAA which is good to listen and watch and the background musics also done perfectly by yuvan.

So many questions are not answered in the first part of AAA may be they give the answers in part to.

overall the young director aadhvik fails to entertain us STR fans can enjoy this movie only in some scenes like STR entry,Interval scenes and in climax these scenes may also enjoy by everyone fans But other scenes are fails to entertain us.

AAA Overall Rating : 2 / 5

Verdict : We can watch AAA only for STR acting and yuvan’s Music 



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