7 World Records by Ms Dhoni in International Cricket


7 World Records by Ms Dhoni in International Cricket: Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the most famous palyer in the international cricket, He started his cricket career from Ranchi trophy matches after that he gets a chance to play for the indian team.

With his luck and hardwork Dhoni becames the T20 captain in 2007, dhoni gets the first ever t20 cup win for the indian team after that dhoni leads his team to 2011 world cup after the 28 years under the dhoni captainship india lift the world cup. After this two cup wins dhoni leads his indian team to 2013 champion trophy matches, at lost dhoni gets the champion trophy cup win for india.

Now Mahendra Singh Dhoni becames the only world captain to win all the ICC Trophies no other captain cant make this record our Dhoni only created this history.

Now lets see about the 7 Intreasting World Records which was created by Ms Dhoni in International Cricket.

1Most Centuries While Batting At No 7 in ODI’s

MS Dhoni hits a shot during the first one-day international match against England. (Photo: Reuters)

In Ms dhoni ODI’s career he hits 10 centuries from 295 international oneday matches, In this 10 centuries MS Dhoni has hits 2 centuries while batting at No 7 in ODI’s, which is the most by any batsman in ODIs while batting at number seven to score 2 centuries.

MS Dhoni scored This two centuries in Chennai stadium only, One was scored against against South Africa in 2007 at chennai stadium.

And the second centuries was hits against pakistan cricket team in 2012 at chennai stadium.

Overall there are 12 batsmen who scored centuries while batting at seven but among them dhoni is the only player to hit two centuries at batting No 7 in ODI’s.



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